Ancient Mysteries, Peoples & Civilizations

The Legends of the Rollright Stones – Folklore and legends of the Rollright Stones prehistoric stone circle and ritual landscape.

The Crystal Skull of Doom – The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull and other enigmatic crystal skulls.

The Great Sphinx by Brian HaughtonThe Mystery of the Great Sphinx at Giza – Buried for most of its life in the desert sand, an air of mystery has always surrounded the Great Sphinx, but who built the great monument and when?

Göbekli Tepe – the World’s First Temple? – Located in modern Turkey, the 10,000 year old site at Göbekli Tepe is fast becoming one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

The White Horse of Uffington – Mysterious prehistoric hillfigure cut into the chalk hills of the Berkshire Downs, southern England.

The Nebra Sky Disc – Ancient Map of the Stars –  The story of the Nebra Sky Disc, 3,600 year-old evidence of ancient astronomy from Germany.

The Antikythera Mechanism – An Ancient Greek Computer desgned to calculate astronimcal positions, lunar eclipses and much more.

The Phaistos Disc – Ancient Artifact or Modern Fake?Enigmatic artifact supposedly connected with the Minoan civilization of ancient Crete.

The Priestess of Ancient DelphiThe trance state of the Pythia, the priestess at the Delphic Oracle in ancient Greece.

The Ancient Library of Alexandria – The history and myth of the burning of the great Alexandrian Library, on the Mediterranean coast of ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra and AntonyThe last Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra VII and her partnership with Mark Antony that almost changed the course of history.

Nero and the Burning of Rome – What caused the Great Fire of Rome? And did the Emperor Nero really fiddle while Rome Burned?

Omm Sety – Priestess of Ancient Egypt?Omm Sety was the Egyptian name adopted by Dorothy Louise Eady, who believed she was the reincarnation of an ancient priestess at the temple of Sety I at Abydos, Egypt.

The Stonehenge BurialsThe enigmatic burials discovered in and around the famous prehistoric monument of Stonehenge.


Supernatural Folklore

Joseph of Arimathea – a Glastonbury Legend – Did Joseph of Arimathea really bring the Holy Thorn, and even the Holy Grail, to Glastonbury?

The Folklore of Ghosts and HauntingsHistory of ghosts and hauntings and parallels in folklore.

A Cotswolds Ghost StoryThe mysterious Charles Wade and the ghost stories of Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds.

The Blue Bell Hill GhostA Phantom / Vanishing Hitchhiker ghost story from the UK.

Anne Jefferies and the FairiesThe strange tale of a young girl’s claim of meeting with fairies.

The Green Children of WoolpitWere the Green Children lost Flemish waifs, inhabitants of a fairy otherworld, or part of a long forgotten folktale?

The Strange Case of Bella in the Wych ElmBizarre unsolved murder mystery from Hagley Woods, near Birmingham, England.

The Wolf Girl of Devil’s RiverStrange tale of a feral / wolf girl roaming south west Texas in the mid 19th century.

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