Joseph of Arimathea – a Glastonbury Legend

Is there any truth behind the legend that Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Thorn, and even the Holy Grail, from the Holy Land to Glastonbury? Read more >>

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  1. Michelle Murray says:

    Over the spaceship,
    erected a marker in the form
    of a lion yet like unto man.
    There ‘neath the image rests yet my spaceship,
    forth to be brought when need shall arise.
    Know ye, O man, that far in the future,
    invaders shall come from out of the deep.
    Then awake, ye who have wisdom.
    Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease.
    Deep ‘neath the image lies my secret.
    Search and find in the pyramid I built.
    Each to the other is the Keystone;
    each the gateway that leads into LIFE.
    Follow the KEY I leave behind me.
    Seek and the doorway to LIFE shall be thine.
    Seek thou in my pyramid,
    deep in the passage that ends in a wall.
    Use thou the KEY of the SEVEN,
    and open to thee the pathway will fall.
    Now unto thee I have given my wisdom.

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