Ghostly folklore

I have been contributing articles on the folklore of ghosts to Ghost Voices Magazine, a bi-monthly UK publication devoted to ghosts and the supernatural. My latest contribution – ‘Phantom Vehicles and Haunted Roads’ is published in Issue 10, for Aug / Sept 2010. For more information / subscription details go to the Ghost Voices website

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  1. barry myers says:

    Just finished enjoying Histories Mysteries and thought it a thorough research job on each subject.
    You might read Adam Ardrey’s, Finding Merlin, which has high probability of being the real story behind Merlin and his sister Langoureth. Ardrey is preparing to publish, Finding Arthur, very likely the source of the Arthur legend in the real life story of the Scottish King Arthur Mac Aden. Mac Aden and Merlin were contemporaries in the same locale.
    Merlin was a Druid priest, his sister the wife of the local King.

  2. Thanks very much. I’m glad you enjoyed History’s Mysteries. I will look into the Merlin book.

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